A website about constructing metal book clasps, bosses and other types of book hardware, showing examples of book clasp repair and restoration and information on workshops offered by Joycelyn Merchant on the design and construction of metal bookclasps.

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Book Clasp Repair and Clasp Restoration

Along with my partner, Charles Kroon, of Ginkgo Leaf Books, we buy and sell rare collectible, out of print and used books Some of our eBay auction listings are here.

Inevitably, a number of them need repair. This prompted my initial interest in book repair and book conservation, and led to my interest in clasp restoration.

I accept commissions primarily related to book clasp repair, replication, and restoration. While I cannot necessisarily make exact duplicates of old clasps which include original engraving, I can make new parts which are sympathetic with and echo the feel of the originals. See photo links at right to view some examples that work and to read more details of the process.

Contact me for more information about clasp conservation, replication or restoration.

Joycelyn Merchant
Ginkgo Leaf Books
1759 Rosehill Drive
Chicago, IL 60660

773.989.2200 ph
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